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Free range slave
Smithfield, NC

[CenturyTel] Fee'd Again

Hope I'm not missing an existing thread about this.

NC subscribers with telephone service will see their bill jump about $4-5 this month.

All long distance options now have a $2.99 "Carrier Cost Recovery Fee" and if you weren't using your long distance to avoid the monthly plan fee you will now be hit with that too even if you don't use it. Plus taxes, 8% sales tax and 16% USF in my case.

How they get this crap past the PUC I have no idea.

The service rep blamed it on the Federal government. I was able to get my bill back to where it was by going to the unlimited long distance bundle.
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Denver, CO
VOIP is the only way to go. Much less expensive and just as good. Look at Callcentric for one and many more out there.