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A Matrix Ant
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Kaspersky antivirus update cripples XP users' Internet...

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"Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab is having a very poor start to the week. Thousands of Windows XP machines were cut off from the Internet late last night after an antivirus update crippled Internet access for home and business users..."
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La Luna
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Oh boy......

Ontario, CAN

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reply to antdude
said by Kaspersky Lab :

Actions have been taken to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

I like this part!

St. Louis MO
That's not the only problem with Kaspersky. I run Win 7 and have KIS 2012. Today it keeps wanting to update and has a message that it has not updated in a long time, even though it has a current signature date. Then I get a message that there are a number of networks open and want to close them, then the firewall turns off. It will stay that way until it downloads another update. A few minutes later it starts all over again. I remember having this before and had to uninstall the program using there removal tool and reinstall. I only have a few more weeks till my subscription ends and I might look for something else.
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New York, NY

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A couple years ago I had a similar experience with Kaspersky on my wife's desktop. I deleted it and put on one of the unused licenses I had for Norton. No more problems....

That's funny. I was going to post yesterday about this...but there was no internet connection.

I found it odd that email was working but not any browser. Then I saw that the virus download had stalled and led to a KAV warning that the key file was blocked. A little digging on another non-KAV computer suggested that this indicated a corrupted update and so I had to repair the program. This has now led to all of the KAV Miniport network filter drivers showing warning indications in Device Manager, though they all seem to be working.

In other words, what a mess.