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Innisfil, ON
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reply to openbox9

Re: Rogers

said by openbox9:

said by resa1983:

They like their customers seeing the right speeds (even for a few seconds) when their network is massively congested

But if the network is massively congested, you aren't going to see the "right speed" regardless of bursting.

Yeah. As much as I want to avoid defending Rogers, their network is pretty solid in most (if not all) areas and they are most certainly not sitting still. They've done quite a few upgrades in the last little while. In my area I can easily maintain my plans speed (bursting for about 25MB by 60Mbps or so).

Congestion would imply that SpeedBoost wouldn't even activate (since it can only use available bandwidth).


Are you kidding me? If Rogers ever opened their wallet moths would fly out of it.