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Basement Dweller

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reply to yabos

Re: Diesel vs. gasoline for new car purchase

said by yabos:

said by FaxCap:

I understand the newly redesigned Mazda6 will be available with a
diesel in about 6 months.

The new Mazda diesels look very interesting. They are taking their time bringing them here though. I had heard the CX-7 was supposed to be the first one to get it but now I've heard that they might get rid of that model and just have the CX-5 and CX-9, so who knows...

A diesel Mazda 6 might be enticing though.

words to describe mazda 6 diesel, fat kid on triple layer cake.(would say wedding cake if it was the wagon model)

they are having to jump through hoops to get EPA certified in the US for the twinturbo diesel.

CX-5 was supposed to be the first N.A. vehicle in their lineup to have it but they couldn't get it certified in time, but there is talk of them adding it to the 2014 option list.

@gimli, Gearing can fix any "feeling" of no top end power. also, design of the engine has a considerable amount to do with it as well, a truck diesel is configured slightly different then a car diesel.