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Lincroft, NJ

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reply to joetaxpayer

Re: Being charged for 2 digital adapters?

said by joetaxpayer:

said by telcodad:

Effective Jan 1, 2013, the monthly price for Digital Adapter Outlet service on the first 2 additional outlets for customers with a minimum video subscription of Digital Starter, will change from No Charge to $1.49 per outlet. In addition, subscribers will be charged a separate equipment charge of $.50 per month for each Digital Adapter that is utilized on these outlets.

So, if you wish to use a DTA on the same TV as a STB, it's only $.50?

When I first started collecting TiVos, and tried to fight the outlet fee, they said the charge was by the equipment. A single customer in a studio apartment with one TV can pay multiple outlet fees if they have extra equipment. Until recently, I had a DTA next to my TiVo, so if 2 shows were recording, it was easy to flip to the DTA to turn on something else.

No, the "outlet" charge varies for each type of equipment and is tied to each one. It doesn't matter if it's actually connected to the same physical wall outlet as another one.

I don't know why they break out the total charge into those two areas (outlet and equipment) like that, unless it matters for the taxes/fees charges on the bill.

EDIT: It looks like the breakdown is needed for the case of subscribers providing their own equipment, such as TiVos: »[Cable Card] CableCARD fee for additional outlet?