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Fisher, IL

Setting the "union" question aside.

A quote from a "pro union" article
"That is an absolute lie,” says Thompson. “We did not refuse to go to work. We just wanted to exercise Cablevision's open door policy, and we said once we were able to get five minutes of their time that we would go back to work.”

Lets break this down logically. ( for fun, imagine your teenager justifying some action or inaction, using this typical method)

"We did not refuse to go to work. We just.........."

There are 2 sentences. The first. A statement."We did not refuse to go to work." Look at this closely. What does it mean? To me it means they state they did not refuse to go to work after being asked.

Now the second, albeit incomplete sentence in this breakdown. "We just...." The next word "wanted" is a contradiction in itself. It directly indicates they did not perform the prior stated action. What the action listed here should have been is "...went to work" . Anything other than went to work written after the word "just" directly shows that they did not go back to work.


Cablevision is notoriously anti-union, and losing the election in Brooklyn deeply emabarresed the owners, the Dolans.

Thats why they gave raises to other cablevison employees and not to the ones in Brooklyn.

Its my belief they dont want to ever settle a contract, other then a crappy contract that gives Brooklyn cable employees LESS then the non union counterparts, just to teach everyone a lesson.