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reply to skeechan

Re: They can pick and choose whatever they want

said by skeechan:

So even if they ran the same commercial on the 4 other major networks at the exact same time, they would be reaching fewer people than the single add running on CBS.

That's one time slot on one day on one channel. There are thousands of alternative time slots to advertise in. It's from a few years ago, but this article demonstrates what I mean:
NCIS beat Glee by 82% in total viewers
Glee beat NCIS by 15% with adults 18-49
Glee beat NCIS by 92% with adults 18-34

With Pepsi and Coke, their target audience isn't in the 55-60 year old demographic CBS averages. 55-60 year olds have been drinking coke or Pepsi for slightly less than 55-60 years. They know what they like. They are likely not to be swayed by a 30-second spot. The 18-34 year old market however it far more impressionable, and even more so when you also include their pre-adolescent/tween/early-teen kids that may also be watching.

It is even worse for competitors during sports programming, particularly in key demos. Where are they going to run ads when the key demo is watching NFL or NBA on CBS?

Yeah, because it's not like Pepsi or Coke could advertise on Fox, ESPN, NBC, or NFL Channel for football (special event programming excluded). I really don't think they even care about advertising during NBA games on CBS now since CBS doesn't carry NBA games outside of select O&O markets.

Losing Coke and Pepsi ad buys would be painful for anyone which is why CBS kisses their ass.

CBS can fill the slots. It's not that hard for prime time television. But why piss off two hands that already feed you to make room for a 3rd hand that has a few crumbs? Combined, Pepsi and Coke spend over a billion dollars each year in advertising. Soda Stream had less then 1/4 that in total revenue.

It's not like this is news program and CBS was exercising control over editorial content. CBS wasn't covering up some horrendous news story about Coke or Pepsi because they were advertisers. And it's not the same as the Hopper issue with Dish and CNET. Both of those things mess with journalistic integrity. This was just doing business.

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That was a few years ago because Glee isn't up against NCIS. NCIS is on Tuesdays and Glee Thursdays. Raising Hope is on Fox Tuesday and in 18-49 NCIS double Raising Hope's rating.

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Meanwhile on Thursday, Glee is soundly beaten by Person of Interest on CBS in the 18-49 demo by over 50%. Glee seems to only be able to beat PoI when PoI is in rerun while Glee is first run AND follows American Idol. Otherwise Glee has trouble getting into the top 25 shows in that demo. That affects ad buys as advertisers would only consider Glee under those circumstances. Otherwise they can advertise elsewhere and get more viewers, particularly on CBS.

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Here is last week's 18-49 numbers and they're dominated by CBS.

But Coke's demo is more than 18-49. Their demo is everyone with a heartbeat. This isn't Sony with the Playstation. And CBS is a ratings juggernaut...everyone wants to advertise on those shows. CBS needs Coke, Coke needs CBS.