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reply to Trev

Re: VOIP providers in Ontario?

said by Trev:

You guys should check out the VoIP Tech Chat which is another forum on this site. You'll find a lot of options and find there are reps from a lot of providers, including Canadian ones.

....and US ones which serve a lot of Canada.

I'm currently with 2 US VoIPPs, CallCentric and Anveo, but could just as easily chosen VOIP.MS for one of the 2, and may yet at some point in the future.

They each get mentioned a lot in that forum, often in comparison to VOIP.MS or to each other.

All 3 of those (and some others) are worth checking out, depending upon your exact needs and budget.

You should start a similar thread over there and see who participates (though some of them have already visited the current thread/forum and posted).

Cheers !

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Or you can still use Canadian Broadband.

Also check at THIS DSLR page »/gbu

Not all VoIPPs are represented on that list, as some have too few reviews, good OR bad (and which can still be found on DSLR by searching for a company name), but it will help you some.

BTW, where are you moving, that there is CABLE but no DSL ?

That's uncommon !