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Birmingham, AL
reply to moneyman12

Re: Think again... garbage in garbage out.

Right...it's possible that at some price points it doesn't make sense for Charter to provide services. So customers walking is an assumed or accepted risk. You have to figure that they looked at numbers and determined this was the best decision going forward for their business.

The alternative is that they DIDN'T put a lot of thought into it, and they'll have to consider changing their stance if the numbers start hurting too much.

It's not all about greedy corporations, folks. Sometimes businesses make decisions to stay afloat for the long term. Other times, they just make ill-informed decisions. They are NOT intentionally going out of their way to lose money.

Also, and this is just as important, every customer has a pain point with a company. When that is reached, the customer has every right to walk and that's completely valid. Mercedes Benz sells their cars for a price on which they can make a profit and continue keeping their doors open. I cannot afford to pay what they want, so I choose a (MUCH) cheaper alternative. Mercedes isn't inherently evil for not choosing to provide me with an affordable car, maybe I'm just not their target market.


Hubertus, WI

Well said.