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reply to JimmyK814

Re: 12 new HD Channels in the Guide for Cumberland

Someone from ABB posted I believe that your system is 750MHz. I think equipment could also be holding things back. Your system is Cisco, and it might be the only one in ABB. I know we're all Motorola down here.

I know when Comcast went through its digital transition that the Cisco areas had to wait a long time because Cisco was slower to produce digital transport adapters, that could be a factor in it.

I don't know what's taking so long for you guys, but you deserve a ton more HD than you're getting.

It should be said that The Weather Channel HD feed is the national feed, no Local on the 8's included as of yet.


Altoona, PA
I looked last night. No sign of anything. I scanned frequencies with the HTPC, and nothing has changed or moved around as if to make more room for something else.

The chances of moving up from 750Mhz is probably slim, which means it will be a squeeze game. They'll probably have to go through a massive analog decrease and roll out the DTA's before they can add more HD... so that will likely be "forever" away.