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Henryetta, OK

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Re: [Bus. Ops] Taking on an IT Support Tech

That's a great question, and I'm sure you'll get a lot of answers. What I can tell you from experience, is that the right guy (or gal) will completely eliminate those concerns.

The hard part is finding that person. I spent literally the last two years looking for a solid developer for my other company (software dev, health care arena) and it was painful. But two years later I found the right person.

I like to start off contracting people. Don't give them more keys to the kingdom than you feel comfortable with. Don't force them to be responsibile - it's up to them to earn your trust, and that's what we're really talking about here.

The right person will show a willingness to take on more responsibility, and they will approach you with a problem solving attitude that shows you they're looking at the big picture. That's the one you take under your wing and forge a good relationship with. If the person you hire isn't doing that, they will likely become disinterested when you don't hand them the keys to the kingdom, and they'll leave on their own. Let them go.

Once you've got that right person, take a genuine interest in them. Look for ways to make them a better person. Do they have dreams and goals? Encourage them! Share what you've learned in business. Treat them like they matter. The right person will pay you back in spades for that.

Once you've got that right person, how you treat them is every bit as important to the success of the business relationship as the way you treat them.

Just my two cents. Good luck man!