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reply to odog

Re: [ALL] Blizzard traceroutes to Chicago

said by odog:

Can you please commence the tracerouting!

We have made adjustments that will hopefully improve performance. These adjustments should allow us to avoid the Cogent/AT&T peer point in Chicago. This should only affect the Blizzard bound traffic.

So at&t and cogent haven't fixed their problems? What idiots. You'd figure a saturated link would be something they'd want to address rather quickly rather than leave at the wayside, especially if they're a tier 2 ISP. There's no excuse for that kind of thing these days as virtually all vendors provide ample monitoring systems and high availability is relatively cheap now.

Well at least you guys are routing around their mistakes. I'm not a wow player, but that scores a few points in my book regardless.

If you guys would fix the CCI problem I'd change my review.