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Bloom County
reply to Bob4

Re: Why the general teen should not get a sports car...

said by Bob4:

Today's teens and Millennials are often called the entitled generation for a reason. They expect to drive their very own fully-loaded luxury vehicle with retractable roof and multi-speaker audio system. If they can't have their specific dream car, then they don't want anything and won't waste time getting a driver's license. Past generations of young drivers, by comparison, were satisfied with any piece of metal that moved.

My brother and I, like many other Millennials, weren't willing to downgrade, compromise, or to be forced to drive a parent's vehicle. I received my license at age seventeen only after I had my red convertible sitting in the driveway. My brother refused to even look at the driver's manual until he received his BMW at age eighteen.

Someone needs to slap these kids upside the head.

Absolutely - my kids are going to hate me when they can drive.

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said by CylonRed:

Absolutely - my kids are going to hate me when they can drive.

I'd wager that happens long before their becoming of driving age. Usually starts at the pre-teens and lasts until mid 20's.
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