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My views are my own.
reply to gigahurtz

Re: I don't like the mandatory data plan, but...

said by gigahurtz:

If you aren't happy with it then switch to a pre-paid provider. There are many options now that are just as good as AT&T and cost much less. Buy a Nexus 4 and get T-Mobile's pre-paid plan for $45 a month including data.

It should be considerably less than what you're paying with AT&T and the service should be decent. Unfortunately, the only way the consumer can send a message is if they talk with their wallets.

Yes, you are correct! ... you should just continue and sit back and let the machines roll over you..

While I agree with capitalism and the power of the consumer, the fact is that the fascist mentality of the corporate bosses, having infiltrated every area in government, the power of people to influence to any great extent has been diminished. In the 90's, there were some decent consumer protection laws that were put in place to stop mandatory buy through in some industries, cable included. That was one rule I agreed with.. but given time, that was removed and look where we are today.. cable bills averaging $80 a month now.

No.. this is one thing I disagree with. WE as people should stand up and demand that forced purchase of a product you do not intend to you should not be allowed. They can VERY easily block your access to data should you choose not to use it. If you own the handset, or received no subsidy from them, then they need to back the F off. If data is mandatory in providing service then a basic rate should be included in the service. It's amazing how they never wanted to itemize anything, and now they all the sudden do.

Screw them.


Chesterfield, MO

1 recommendation

In addition to blocking, they could just charge you $30 the first time you use data. When you reach 1GB of usage and $20/GB after that.

They used to do this with text messages. Either buy a plan with a set amount of minutes or get charged 35 cents/msg.