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Re: [LA] Cox LA Network Upgrades Soon?

The only upgrades NOLA has seen recently is an "upgrade" in price. Last year, Ultimate increased $5.00 from $89.99 to $94.99, but yet speeds stayed the same. Recently (last month per se), I noticed yet another $5.00 increase in monthly rates to $99.99, and again no service upgrades. I understand the price increase is probably just to put us on par with everyone else paying $99.99 ~ $109.99 for Ultimate service, but raising rates and keeping service at the same level isn't reason enough to justify the rate increase. Sure, there is no real competition in the market, unless you consider the very laughable service AT&T offers as competition. Lafayette and Baton Rouge have only seen speed increases because real competiton exists in both markets, so therefore the largest city and population center in the state again gets the red headed step child treatment. Add that on top of lousy service, incompetent and unprofessional field techs, and awfully rude (!) customer service reps both in person and over the phone, at the local level.


New Orleans, LA
I can't argue with anything you just said as it is all very true. New Orleans IS getting the upgrades that Baton Rouge has it will just take time to get here. The Cox NOC is in Baton Rouge and they really like to roll out upgrades in their own backyard before going further out.

Lousy service from Cox or any telecom in the area is pretty standard. Try running an essential services business and being out of all telecommunications for almost 2 weeks. That was not very fun. Having a local street outage from only one telecommunication company (Cox) when I can see the multistory Cox building on airline from the business locations backyard only added fuel to the Cox service is crap fire for me.

I can't tell you how many times I have called customer service and really had a luck of the draw type of response. I hate that 9 out of 10 calls to customer service usually amount to me knowing more about how their network works than the person on the phone. It took years for them to catch up and know what a cable card was and even now getting one is like pulling teeth.

If something better was available I would jump faster than a lightning strike in my move to switch. Google Fiber would be real nice, but who knows how long it will be until they really start to be a competitor in more than 1 market. Cox can take that two year contract and shove it, but even with all these complaints about how they don't know which end is up they still are the ONLY option for HSI that gets speeds close to what most large market areas have, and that is a result of the government and how they allowed local services to come to various markets.