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reply to ontarian

Re: Voltage - still no cease and desist letter?

said by ontarian :

IMHO. It looks like voltage's nutz are in a Vise now cause "cease and desist letter" must tell alleged "pirates" to STOP SHARING BS "works" + REMOVE THEM FROM THE HARD DRIVE (so they are not "shared" anymore). voltage clowns do not want people to remove their BS "works" form hard drives cause NO BS "works" - no "evidence" in case they want to take some people to court to make an exemplary case with hard drive forensics etc. voltage's "lawyers" NEED THEIR BS "works" on people's hard drives, otherwise their extortion scheme is not going to work. So a requirement to issue of "cease and desist letter" is a literal command to voltage to go and f..k themselves right now while they are not yet liable for more money then they owe TSI for their BS inquiry to get personal info of account holders in a first place.


Interesting view. It looks like Voltage is in a pickle with that one. No letter equals no serious intent to stop alleged sharers. Letter equals a request to delete their works from hard drive. I hope they realize that and simply are looking for a cheap exit strategy without loosing their stupid gonads in Canada.