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Sun City, AZ
reply to Krisnatharok

Re: Very Specific Math-Based PCIe 3.0 Question

Really, interesting. Quick summary of 1440p. I see what you are doing now. Then yes, I will agree with 2011, and most importantly: adding second GPU, that will / should move you into 60-70 FPS territory.
But I would add second 7970 to existing setup and see what happens, I think you will see something close to what you will see with 2011.

Caveat Emptor
Earth Orbit
Yeah, that's why I caveated my question the way I did, because if not, I'd get some uninformed self-considered "enthusiast" say "durr get a 3770K it's all the CPU you need" (it has already happened on Reddit).

Thanks for the confirmation of what I was thinking, I believe I'll pick up an i7-3820 and an LGA 2011 mobo.

I've never really looked at the x79 mobos, always assumed I'd go the mainstream route with my next build.

Does anyone have any favorites?
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