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Clackamas, OR
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After receiving the offer, I called Frontier to inquire on renewing my contract for the gift card. I have FiOS 35/35 Internet and Ultimate TV double play. I was told my rate would go up at least $30 more per month for 35/15 and Ultimate TV. My current contract is not up until June 2013 so I said no thanks. The rep then quickly mentioned that if I switched to Dish Network for TV, my rate for Internet would go down and I'd be spending less per month than I am now for similar TV channels. I have a hesitation to switch to satellite TV so I told the rep I'll hold off until my contract is up in 6 months.

On a side note: The rep said when they transitioned their billing over to a new system, the early termination fee did not carry over, so if I were to cancel service I would not be assessed the fee. I called Frontier the next day with the intent to speak to someone different, which I did, and they confirmed there was no early termination fee showing on my account. By telling me that, plus the sales pitch to switch to Dish, I get the feeling Frontier does not want my business anymore since I am a FiOS customer, which contradicts this current promotion.

St. John 3.16
Forest Grove, OR

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Sounds to me like they are using the "thank you gift card" as bait to get the customer to sign up to more $$$ for less service. And if the customer doesn't bite, then push them to dish.

Take more money for less service if they can get it, and if not try to dump the customer off to dish.

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