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reply to Mele20

Re: ComScore and cluelessness

said by Mele20:

This is OT but what is wrong with ComScore? You are saying I can't provide proper feedback to Microsoft as a Microsoft Panelist for many years when the study administrator chosen by Microsoft is ComScore? So, Microsoft is "clueless" to use them to commission feedback from us Microsoft panelists? I don't consider myself "clueless" either!

You are of course free to do as you wish. Personally, I would not hire someone with a known history of child abuse as a babysitter/nanny, nor someone with a known history of armed robbery as a security guard, but that is just me. Just because Microsoft says "trust us" doesn't mean that I would ever trust them.

Here is a search link of this site's Security forum for "ComScore MarketScore" (MarketScore is a ComScore alias): »/nsear ··· ds=%2C18

I know for a fact that they have in the past installed stealth proxy servers with the capability to intercept even SSL sessions on some of my customers' systems (because I had to find the infection and remove it).
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