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Billings, MT
reply to iansltx

Re: no prepaid on lte?

said by iansltx:

The catch with Straight Talk is that you don't get LTE there either. T-Mobile H+ comes close, but then you have to deal with a digital divide issue: if you can't get cable 'net at a location, you probably can't get 3G or better on T-Mobile either.

T-Mobile doesn't cover everywhere. Try getting a signal here.

I don't really care that ST doesn't have LTE. I use my phone to stream Rdio (HQ Streaming) and SSH/VPN into my home network. I rarely stream Netflix or do anything massively data intensive. Of course, it could be that ST eventually will throttle you if you use too much.

..but for $45/mo flat, it's better than VZ or at&t charging almost double then nail you for overages if you use more than you're supposed to. LTE is nice, but not worth it if they can't adjust caps with the speeds. Why utilize their "Premium Network" if you're stuck with a 2GB cap that can be eaten through in an hour or less?

..and the reason I want the SGS4 is not for the LTE, it's for everything else.
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