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Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
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reply to Eddy120876

Re: Blackberry, Crackberry

I'm due for a device upgrade in July, and I am very interested in the BB 10. So far, it sounds like an interesting handset. I'm not saying I'm going in that direction for sure, but I love checking out new stuff.

My last handset was a Droid Incredible, my current handset is an iPhone 4s. It would be a fresh learning experience to play with the new BB.

My first smart phone was a BB Storm. What a disaster that thing was.

It's nice having all my music on my phone, but I rarely use it. I usually stream Sirius/XM to my phone. From what I hear the new BB OS is uber accommodating in porting apps from iOS and Android.

It should be interesting to see were Blackberry (no longer RIM) goes with it, but I'm predicting rumors of their death have been greatly exaggerated.

They put up with delaying this product to get it right before it hit the market. Something Apple has lost sight of recently, IMHO. iOS 6 never should have been released in it's current form.

This, and their international infrastructure are strengths BB can build on. I think they have a chance of turning the corner....
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What's wrong with iOS 6?