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Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to Sukunai

Re: It has been good, but this is goodbye

said by Sukunai See ProfileI can routinely be best described as a dinosaur uncomfortable with new tricks I hate learning the new. I do know something of business though, and I do wish he had confidence in his ability to run his own. I've yet to meet anyone his equal when it comes to computers. He possesses natural talent you can't get at a college.

At any rate, I have migrated to Electronic Box. It's not always about raw specifics of price or specific details with the service though, it's the sum of the whole. But, I will need to be with EB for a couple of years with no troubles before they get given special mention. Respect is something that has to be earned after all.

Well, I just hope you have a "backup plan" in the event that this whiz kid of yours is not around... I used to help a lot of people many years ago, some of them "old dinosaurs" just like you...

E-Box is a fine ISP, and you seem to have been after a price drop too, because moving from one ISP to another just because your tech buddy does seems silly. He, or any other techie should be able to help you regardless of ISP.
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