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Windsor, ON
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Re: [DSL] Dry loop installation: demarc box not connected?

There's usually a specific reason for them to do ONLY this... other than just sheer laziness. I can only go off my personal experience and stories I've heard from friends, but the general consensus I get is that Bell techs at least try to connect the wiring to something. In my case they came inside my house and spent 30 minutes wiring things up to a jack so I at least know some of them care to do the job correctly. There's a multitude of things that can go wrong, however. A picture of the inside of the NID (the demarc box) would go a long way in getting some help with this. It's possible the Bell line is just connected to the incorrect pair or something simple like that. Mistakes happen.


Toronto, ON
Thanks for the reply, Rizzle.

I will ping my friend for a picture, hopefully will get one by tomorrow.

The TS people are saying that I will likely have to find a 3rd party contractor to do the wiring from the demarc box to the house's phone box, as it really does seem like there is one wire going into the demarc, and no wires coming out.

It's incredibly frustrating as one would expect installation costs to include wiring from the demarc to the house. I halfway joked on the phone that it was like being sold a car without tires. I don't think it went over well.


Under the GAS tariff, Bell's responsibility and obligations do indeed end at the demarc box. Anything beyond that is technically extra.

Sometimes you get a tech that will extend the courtesy of doing a quick check on internal wiring to see if things beyond the demarc are wired properly and sometimes you will get a tech who will stick strictly to his obligations - install demarc, test at demarc, done.