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[Connectivity] high latency spikes, connectivity drops, poor spe

If you take a look at all the recent activity over on the Comcast Direct section, there is obviously something going on. Anyone care to chime in? I'm in the Detroit metro area and at least the past 2 nights something funky is going on in regards to dropped packets, connection, etc. I called the 800 number the other night and it played the automated message "We have a problem in your area and we are working on it, it will be fixed in 4 hours blah blah bleh." It was fixed within about an hour.

No such recording tonight when I called in. I then hung up.

I was able to start a smokeping via another connection to the internet (3G), as my Comcast one was practically unusable. It just started, but take a look here:

»/r3/sm ··· c2f6.CA1

CM logs seemed benign, everything was functioning properly locally within my network, but when I pinged the first hop it was dropping almost every time.

I am able to type/post this because service seems to be back to normal, after about an hour. (almost the same as last night)