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Chicago, IL

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[Connectivity] Chicago Wrigleyville- random VERY BRIEF d/c

Posted this in October, but the problem disappeared soon after, and has only recently come back.

Encoded Mac: 840f17306852cdc64d194de4d8f14f97793cdcd0

I will randomly get disconnected for 10-20 seconds at a time, seemingly at random. Sometimes I'll notice it once throughout the whole day, then sometimes I'll notice it multiple times in an hour. The network icon on the taskbar never changes to showing a disconnection, and the send and receive lights will just stop blinking for a bit then start up again. The disconnects also don't show up on RCN's end.

I had a tech come out and say that everything seemed normal, but they only checked my modem and the connection from within my apartment - they didn't look at the actual wiring outside.

I've had RCN for over a year and this started up about a month ago out of the blue. I already swapped modems (to one provided to me by RCN themselves) and swapped out the ethernet and coax cables, but nothing changed. I don't use a router at all and just hook straight into the modem.

I'm completely out of ideas because most people reporting outages seem to have them last much longer than 10-20 seconds.

Thanks for any ideas, and I can provide any other relevant info if needed
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