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reply to me1212

Re: Farmers "need" broadband?

said by me1212:

Satellite is NOT true braodband service, its barely better than dial up. As for t-1 those are freaking expensive, up to $1000 a month in some places, most farmers cant afford that. idsl isnt everywhere nor is 3g/4g, dsl nor are wisps(though dsl and wisp are broadband, as is t-1.) There are a lot who can't get anything but sat or dial-up, both of which hardly count as internet these days.

All in all WISP are the best way to go.

I didn't say that any of those listed are "true broadband". That's a different discussion. Nor did I say they were cheap.

What I asked, was simply, how many farmers are there that don't have access to one of these services?

The premise of the campaign is that farmers "need broadband" - I'd like to see that claim qualified, so we can determine again, how many, where, and what the marginal cost is, rather than just have the usual emotional response, resolved by spending someone else's money, only to be shocked and surprised when the goal is not met.