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Drumore, PA

[Connectivity] Can't Acquire Public IP on SBG6580 Cable Modem

I have a new Motorola SBG6580 Combination Cable Modem/WiFi/Router. I have new Service activated from SeniorTV. The modem functions normally with all front panel lights correctly displaying. When connected online to modem at by WiFi on a MacBook Air, both the SNR and Power readings are within guidelines but not at optimum settings for both downstream and upstream channels. However, the Public IP status is blank and am unable to connect via browser to the internet using either domain names or IP addresses. I am able to connect by wifi to the modem on the MacBook Air, an iPad 2, and an iPhone 4S. I don't have a laptop with an ethernet connection but am guessing that without a public IP, I wound be unable to access the internet anyway. I have contacted both Motorola tech twice and SeniorTV tech thrice to no avail. The modem has a gateway (WAN) mac address and the internal router has a HFC (LAN) MAC address the latter of which both Motorola and Senior TV Techs agree is the correct one for Senior TV to use. Is it possible that enabling the Rg Passthrough option setting that address to the LAN MAC address would allow the modem to acquire a public IP? Anybody have any thoughts on what action might lead to a solution?

Thanks, Boyd

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Dover, DE

Re: [Connectivity] Can't Acquire Public IP on SBG6580 Cable Mode

sounds like someone at seniortv needs to call comcast and get the proper information in the billing system. cables modems are mostly plug and play unless you have a static IP, which you dont.
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Union, NJ
reply to bfr2u
For the Halibut, have you tried powercycling it first ? If that does nothing, try resetting it back to factory defaults with the recessed reset button on the rear. Be advised that if you do reset it with the button by holding it in for about 30 seconds, that it will wipe out any custom settings / wireless security configurations that you may have made and they will have to be re-configured from scratch.

Drumore, PA
reply to gar187er
I know this is a Comcast Forum and I only placed it here because I couldn't find a forum for SeniorTV or an Other Forum. SeniorTV is the provider for this Retirement Community and they do not have technicians onsite but rely on the regular maintenance crew that is untrained in networking. Also calls to SeniorTV are handled by non-technicians who forward their notes to techs for action. The system is inexpensive but also ineffective. Reports to me are that they can see the Modem just fine but the modem still has no wan ip address. I have requested they deactivate the link then reactivate it but do not have a confirmation that they have tried that. I have tried a reset of the modem to no avail. Any other thoughts?

Snohomish, WA
Do they rent modems? of the same or similar model?
Can they provide a short term (1 month) rental to you as proof of service.
Do others in your building/on your floor have internet service? (thinking there could be a filter/wiring problem to your unit)
Can you take your modem to a neighbors who does have service, to try to connect YOUR modem again?