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reply to CRTC

Re: Beat them at their own game!

You know that coops can have paid employees. Even the elected members of the direction can be paid. Before broadband, I was a coop member of cam.org which did dial up internet services at a better price than anyone else in montreal and we had access to its books and had yearly meetings where you could elect new members to the direction, present yourself for a post or talk about anything publicly to the other members. The regular staff was paid and it was pretty big for the time. Then broadband appeared and all those phone line ISPs disappeared, coops as well as private ones.

With the new CRTC tariffs, it would be possible for a coop to be formed, but the initial costs are much higher than they were for dial up ISPs. You'd need to either get 5000+ people to contribute their first month just to get the fund to start building up a business. Then you'd have to do all the work of building a business with none of the potential rewards you'd get if it were your own.

Although I can see why some people think the proposition is far fetched, I don't think its ridiculous at all. If telecoms belonged to its users rather than to stock holders, they would favor their user's service quality over its quarterly profit reports.