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WNDR4300 Gaming Lag

Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me out. I recently got the WNDR4300 Router and I am noticing a decent amount of lag when playing on my Xbox 360. That is even when I have it connected via Ethernet. I have done speed tests on various computers and am getting around a 40 down and 3 up. So speed should not be an issue. Also, I moniter for packet loss, and I have not seen any lag spikes or Timeouts on my Ping Tests. Also, my NAT is listed at OPEN and I have no issue getting into matches.
There are some things I have done via Netgear router page as well. I have put the Xbox360's IP to in a DMZ, and I have given the LAN port that my Xbox is hooked up to highest priority in the QOS. I have also made only my XBOX connected to the internet, yet still the same laggy feeling. I need help guys!