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Sweeny, TX
reply to carabao

[Troubles] Re: I'm about to lose it

said by carabao:

Waste of money is right.
During the repair of the noise on the phone line i have had off and on for over two years i got the chance to ask the tech again when the fiber they ran last june would be up and running
Guess what he said the equipment was too small i presume for the number of people they were gong to put on it and the amount of new services they were going to try and sell so the upgrade needs to be upgraded before its ever turned on
During numerous repairs of noise on line and dsl being down the techs have got me from .380Mbps to .6Mbps so they are trying but i think the engineers and managment are stuck on stupid The present dslam is about 3miles from the house while the new one with the fiber is 1 mile so if it ever works my speed should really pick up

I'm surprised to find another Sweeny, TX user on here. You mentioning line noise is kind of funny because they fixed an issue with a hum on our line about a month ago (we'd had it for quite awhile) and it has slowly returned lately.