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Newtown, PA
reply to csiemers

Re: [HomeSecurity] Norton Internet Security.

said by csiemers:

said by backfeed:

I remember how ground breaking Norton Commander was in the Dos days. (or early windows, yeah I am that old ) It was the best utilities I had used, then there was other great Norton Utilities, for me it all changed after Symantec got hold of them. I tried a couple of the AV products over time, but I stopped even paying attention several years ago.

My favorite was Central Point's PC Tools! Now that was great DOS utilities! Or Copy2PC which could copy even the "protected" Lotus 1-2-3 floppies!

To get back on topic I've quit installing Norton as I was always having to go to a website and enter a PIN number every few weeks on my PCs so I've quit using when I updated my PCs to Windows 8.

Yeah, PC Tools was the greatest. I still have some Central Point 3.5" install disks.