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Re: [Express] Hitron CGN2-ROG - Wireless works but direct connec

Sounds like a gateway issue on your wired pc. What is the ip, subnet mask, and default gateway? (you could compare them to your wiress devices) If you use a static ip, and switched router hardware it could be pointing wrong whereas the wifi probably is using dhcp.

Anyway, if the wired pc can see the router you know the network cable and pc hardware are working. Perhaps there is something in the hitron web admin to enable the ethernet ports?


The default gateway & DHCP server are the same which is the cable modem/router address. The ip is .10 compared to the router's .1. The subnet is I used Roger's flash drive installation program which did the set up for me. DHCP is enabled.

The wired pc can see the web but sometimes it just hangs while loading or loading is extremely slow.

When I called Rogers they said the issue was my computer. That's what I get for talking to someone who is just going through a script.


So I called Rogers again and got someone knowledgeable. He recommended doing a hard reset which would force the modem to download a new firmware update (came out a couple of weeks ago). Did the hard reset and presto, everything was working great.