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[Tampa] Residential Gateway login (SBG6580)

I basically have the same problem, but can't even log into the Residential Gateway to the SBG6580.
I have reset the modem with the pin button held in while powered on for 60 sec. I now have an OPEN TO ALL connection named:

I went to:
and entered user: admin
""""""""""Password: motorola

answer back: The user name or password is invalid, please try again.

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
That is correct... please open a direct forums thread, include your IP so I can pull account stuff and I will call you.


Saint Petersburg, FL
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I called BH and they were able to get me going it took about 45 min and 3 re boot's of the modem before it would take my new password. But I did get it.
They had to get an ADMIN password to log me into it then change to a password of my choosing.

The only question I have is; Does BH change the MOTO factory password on their SBG6580 as opposed to keeping the one you would get if you bought your own MOTO SBG6580 ?
If so, shouldn't the tech give you that password before leaving?
I also noticed the back of the modem from bright house is not like the one for sale to the public.
Does BH make changes to the components before leaseing it to the customer?

Thanks for the previous instruction and your time.


Indianapolis, IN
SSID, WPA key and settings login are all auto configured by BHN I believe. The tech should be able to give you the login info, but I think you have to ask for it.