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Bueller? Bueller?
El Dorado Hills, CA
reply to aabaaf

Re: [Speed] Speed increase.

said by aabaaf:

I spoke to Comcast tech support for here in Chicago area last night. The guy said that for the time being POWERBOOST, is here to stay. He did also mention that sometime, he stressed sometime in the future, as they had no time given to them at all, the Chicago area, would be upgraded similar to the Northeast area, with Blast going to 50, 50 to 105, and 105 seeing the lower price, just like the northeast. Also that the 300 would start to become available here in the Chicago market. Again no time limits given. But that for now, POWERBOOST is here to stay for those that are in the Chicago market.

No offense to the tech, but I wouldn't trust what one tech says. Every (and I mean EVERY) business class support tech I spoke to on the phone or who came to my prem told me straight to my face "Business class does not have powerboost". One guy said that right when I showed him a 75/35 speedtest.net, to which he replied it was a fluke. I repeated it 2 more times to different servers with slightly varying speeds, but still WELL over my 22/5 rate at the time. They just shrugged it off. So take what this phone tech tells you with a (heaping, 2 ton) grain of salt.
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