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reply to Komo Misomo

Re: How exactly?

said by Komo Misomo :

No, I'm not simply saying that bigger is naturally bad and evil, trolling smart ass.

I'm saying there's an ocean of data showing that consolidation, even if companies don't directly compete, has a direct impact on overall competition, opinion diversity, service quality, customer support. When you combine cable consolidation with Verizon and AT&T's decision to hang up on tens of millions of customers, you run into massive issues. When you consolidate mindlessly customer support always suffers.

I'm glad some of you think that's something people should be cheering about.

We'll see how glib and obtuse some of you are when your only choice is Cox. I swear to god, people on this website love cheerleading against their own best interests.

Do I have choice between Charter and Cox now? Nope. Just Charter. A merger between them does not effect this one iota.

Using your logic if say you took Comcast, TWC, Cox, Charter and broke them up into say 25 small regional companies but none of them competed with each other just like they don't now, then your logic says this would be good for customers and result in better service and lower prices. I beg to differ.

This isn't like if DirecTv and DishNetwork were to merge. Then you are reducing competition. Also a combined Charter/Cox would still be half the size of Time Warner Cable and 1/3 the size of Comcast.