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reply to IowaCowboy

Re: Good riddance

They came out of that and their stock is but over 30% in the last year. They have made heavy investments in infrastructure in the last couple of years. They have just recent sign several retrans agreements. Doesn't could like a company abut to fold or be taken over. If you are about to sell yourself you don't make retrans agreements that span several years and cost millions of dollars. Especially if you selling to somone like TWC which already has said agreements so these retrans agreements are not necessary.

As I said Cox is a private company. ZERO stockholders. It would be very easy to sell out to Charter.

Never Enough Time
united state
Um you do know Cox has way way way more money than Charter right? Cox's automotive holdings alone are massive plus they just formed the ATG group under Autotrader (which they own)

Charter can't even begin to afford Cox. Also you don't seem to understand how companies work. Private companies still have stock. I have stock in my current private employer