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reply to MaynardKrebs

Re: Cable vs. DSL - which to choose?

Complicated subject.

I've traditionally gone with DSL because the access network, once qualified and working, is rock solid. My DSL service may have gone down a half-dozen times in the past ten years. This was not my prior experience with Cable. Stability and reliability is of primary importance.

Streaming services like twitch, netflix, and hulu are increasingly becoming more useful. I've been willing to lower stream quality to accommodate network congestion but this is becoming an issue. Congestion problems are regional and transient so it is really hard to pick an obvious winner. I choose the stick with the devil I know.

TSI is my provider because their product suits my need. I am not interested in bundling stuff that I don't want ... an area where Bell and Rogers refuse to compete. Right now I choose stability, value, then quality though I'm reaching a tipping point where poor quality will force me to re-evaluate.