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reply to Selenia

Re: Mozilla will automatically disable all plug-ins in Firefox

said by Selenia:

... Flash is not near the security issue it once was. Adobe has made good strides there and Google even +1s them by sandboxing the plugin in Chrome. This was a first for Mozilla and Java is far more dangerous atm.

It can be an ugly digital world out there. Any company producing software for the universe of Internet-facing computers has to be dead serious about security and software protection in a major way, or they will face extinction... it's a classic situation of 'go big or go home'. Adobe seems to be learning the lesson (though there may be some dissent on that), and there are now signs Oracle has finally awakened to the smell of smoke and is starting to focus resources on securing Java. Frankly, I have genuine hope for both of them to succeed in this... as I do for all software makers. But the sad reality seems to remain that only when a highly-publicized security mess occurs, will most companies grudgingly spend the resources to patch up their products that were flawed from inception.
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