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Orange, CA
reply to rayge

Re: AT&T no show once again.....

said by rayge:

We were told after this last no show that they have to repair something in the facilities that service our area to accomodate us? They are waiting on parts? So take that for what its worth. I kind of find this hard to believe with a company the size of ATT having to wait on parts to fix something.

It has most likely to do with the way they operate. They don't always use their own employees as installers. In many areas they use a local contractor that slaps a magnet AT&T logo on the side of his van, and is a "approved installer". If you do have a actual AT&T employee, it could also be that they simply don't have every part in stock and there isn't a AT&T warehouse nearby.

These installers usually don't own a warehouse that contains every part known to be used in AT&T telecommunication installs, nor would it be very efficient for AT&T to send out parts to all sub-contractors only to be sitting on a shelf for 2 years because the part is not needed, and subsequently being phased out. What a waste of money that would be.

In more rural areas or smaller towns AT&T employees often don't even have an office to go to, besides maybe a local AT&T store or a local CO where they can store a minimal amount of parts. The parts come from several large warehouses across the country with AT&T sending them parts on a as-needed basis. They need a part, they call AT&T and they will send it to them. Depending on the urgency (e.g. a major outage) it could be there in hours, but for a single customer it could take a few weeks.
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