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Downingtown, PA
reply to FFH5

Re: How exactly?

said by FFH5:

said by JPL:

said by Komo Misomo :

I think you're being intentionally obtuse.

There's about a thousand studies out there highlighting how market consolidation, and/or the reduction in number of overall market gatekeepers reduces competition and harms consumers -- regardless of whether or not Comcast competes with Cox directly.

Read one.

Maybe I'm obtuse too, because I think you're missing it. Their footprints don't overlap. If I'm in a Charter market, my choices for broadband suppliers doesn't go down because of this merger. They stay exactly the same. If they competed in the same market you would have a point. But they don't. You're not reducing providers in any market if this merger were to happen.

I agree with you, but you are missing his point - that being big alone is bad all by itself. It is all part of the philosophy some have that big corporations are all evil and that bigger is more evil.

I guess I would counter this with - how does this create only 1 company to handle broadband? This isn't exactly like DirecTV merging with Dish, which was attempted back in, IIRC, 2005. There are a number of broadband providers out there. Granted, there aren't a whole lot in any one area, but that's true whether Charter gets bought or not.

Competition only brings down prices if the consumer has a choice. Gas stations in the middle of nowhere can charge you whatever the hell they want. Gas stations that are located on opposing corners, however, tend to be really aggressive with their pricing. Same thing here.