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Not born yesterday
Atlanta, GA
reply to Cyndee

Re: [Connectivity] Connection turns on and off for a few second

I have my SB5120 modem connected to my Linksys E3000 router. My computers are then connected via the router. I can access the modem logs without disconnecting the router, just put in the modem's IP address,

I'm not seeing those disconnects you mention, here in Atlanta our system has gone "D3", but my old 5120 still chugs along just fine. I think your problem is terrible signal levels from Comcast.
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Chicago, IL
I just tried that and I can get to the log. I'll post it shortly.


Chicago, IL
There isn't much in the log now. I'll let it run until later and then post it.

However, note that I have NOT been getting the constant disconnects since the tech was here on Friday (one right after, but none since that).

It seems that the disconnects are fixed; there was just a concern mentioned above that my SNR is still low.

However, if I am not disconnecting and my speed is good (around 34/6), should I worry about the SNR?

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El Dorado Hills, CA
Wait so the disconnects are gone? You had replied:

said by Cyndee:

I think I spoke too fast that everything was working again -- my service just blinked out again for a few seconds (I can only tell so easily because I'm running a VPN which notifies me as soon as the connection is out).

I am going to order the SB6141 now. We do have D3 here in Chicago as far as I know.

If it's not disconnecting anymore, that's a good start, but a SNR of 33 and power level of -9 dBmV is not good. The signal needs to be looked at by a tech and fixed. The fact that they came out and didn't address the low signal level is unfortunately, but not surprising. Next time a tech comes out, specifically ask them to address the "low downstream power level and signal to noise ratio".
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Chicago, IL
I neglected to report that after that one disconnect after the tech left, it has been fine since (I thought I'd posted that).

I am going to get the new modem, then after it's running for a bit, will check the diagnostics and then get a tech out again.

Thanks for all the help.