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Re: [Business] Way to deceive to us Comcast

One man's gourmet meal is another man's poison.

I had hoped that the recent business class speed upgrades that you and others reported as killing or reducing PowerBoost would happen in my area, but it didn't happen. And the latest "news" that reduced or removed PowerBoost is being implemented in general has also not happened here (yet).

I have noticed a decrease in the depth of PowerBoost, but I really would like to see it to disappear entirely because it really makes QoS difficult to implement. I used to be able to use rate limiting in my Netgear switch to smooth out transfer rates to near my actual speed plan, but since the "upgrade", that no longer worked properly, so I had to resort to a simple priority based QoS to keep my VoIP working properly.

I am on the 16/3 business class plan, and here is a Comcast speed test I just did (it is fairly typical of what I see since the speed upgrade):

And for the curious, here is a typical Comcast speed test result from before the speed upgrade (at that time my base rate was 12/2):

As mentioned previously, I used to be able to regulate my throughput to near my actual 12/2 plan (as shown below), but since the upgrade, that no longer works (it produces dropped packets and delays instead of a smooth transfer of data).

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