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RIP lilhurricane
Canon City, CO
reply to Fronkman

Re: windows windows windows

There are two things you haven't been told or haven't mentioned. One big advantage to the composite windows is their low coefficient of expansion. They can and should be made to a closer fit to your opening and are much less likely to develop leaks around the edges as they age. I put composites in our home in Denver when the composite material first came out. For this reason alone they are much better than vinyl. The second item is the argon gas. The sales engineer that talked to me when we did those windows told me that he refused to recommend argon gas because it was a money making gimmick. It does help the first year or two, but because of the small size of the molecular structure of the gas there was no way for any window seal to contain it for the life of the window. He said you might as well just throw the money you'd spend on it in the trash over a two year period and you'd be the same place without fooling yourself. When we sold the house in 2008 more than ten years later they still looked like new.