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Orleans, ON
reply to synaps123

Re: [Express] Ottawa East: connection and packet loss problems

No takers eh.

While I'm pretty darn sure my pcx2600 is in good working order since it sync fine at my parents place, I can't deny the instant surfboard sync at my new place. As much as I always want to know/understand the "why" behind things especially "fishy" situations like this one. I'm going to chalk it up to one of Rogers many "anomalies" and will go pick up a Hitron and hope it resolves the problem.

·Rogers Hi-Speed
Bottom line, the technology has moved on and while your modem might still be solid and capable an amortization over eight years is pretty reasonable. Getting a new modem will allow you to put a variable to rest, vis a vis 'flaky' behaviour, and put the onus back on Rogers should this not solve your problem. Good luck.


Orleans, ON

The new modem (hitron /bridge mode) works. As for the packet loss i'm running a 5day smokeping.

»/r3/smokeping. ··· 5de6e70c

I'm guessing the NY server administering the ping is down, as it seems to be reporting 100% loss.


I had the same packet loss problems last summer at various times intermittently. I had 4 tech service calls. 3 could not see any issue. The 3rd one changed the modem (extreme). The last tech actually saw the problem while he was there but had no idea what was wrong. He placed a "maintenance" call and the problem went away. Not sure what was done.

In the last few days, i've had the modem reset as often as every 2 minutes. Another service call. Another new modem. This worked OK for 2 days and now, i have the packet loss issue back.

I'm leaving rogers at the end of the month for tecksavvy over DSL.