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Bloom County
reply to fifty nine

Re: Gas line extension

Back in my old neighborhood - a short street stopped at a field/large estate. The person who had the land/house sold it to a developer and they added 60-70 new houses. The developers attached a road to the short road that had previously dead-ended. There were about 5 houses on this short street and they used fuel oil like everyone else in the older neighborhood.

The folks on the short street asked the local gas company to extend the line for the houses on the short street. From what I understood to have happened - all of the houses on the older street agreed to pay for the cost of extending the line. They gas company decided to extend it if all of the houses got the hookup.

They very well might extend it but it is likely the residences have to pay for it (which could be a couple grand for each house). They will NOT do it for one house - it is going to have to be worth their time. Could very well be they don't advertise it because very few would actially take them up on it.

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