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reply to zapattack

Re: Pbxes.org with FPL stopped working w audio bypass disabled

Ok i think you may be right about one-way transmission with audio bypass enabled. I received a call and the person calling couldn't hear me. As soon as I disabled Audio Bypass, they could hear me.

So now I'm back to a possible issue with the PBXes www4 New York server. I'm still on the www7 Miami server since this morning and so far no problems with receiving incoming calls.


Saint-Hubert, QC
I just saw a posting who is saying FPL has more servers from where the call can come and if you are registered to one and getting the call from another at least for Asterisk the call will be rejected if you don't have allowguest=yes.
I don't know the settings for Pbxes.org but check if you can find something like that.


Thanks for the reply Dan. I'm not sure which setting that is but I think zapattack's suggestion to change the PBXes.org server to something else. I changed the server to www7 Miami yesterday morning and it's been fine since. *crosses fingers*