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San Diego, CA
·Cox HSI

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reply to yahtzee

Re: What to check for a tiny leak in a 18month old washer?

Clear water is hard to trace.
This is what I would do to trace a leak in my dishwasher.

Take off the lower kick plate so you can see under the dishwasher.
Start/run and empty load.
Once the water is full and just starts to the door and add several drops of food coloring or a simple package of koolaid (add your own sugar type) bright red color or dark blue.
Then let it run for a bit and discharge the water and stop the cycle.

This should help you locate the drip/leak.

This may be as simple as a door gasket getting dried out and not sealing, but until you trace the leak it will be hard.

Best of luck.

washer...dishwasher...clothes washer...same difference right