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Re: Other customers can see my infor

Wow... Ive been following the topic since it was first posted on hughes community and this is just unbelieveable that there is such a breach of security for a customer and hughes is treating it with no urgency what so ever...

This is why im so glad I was ale to get service under the Recovery Act and have NO CONTRACT.. I dont loose anything if I decide to cancel with no contract, didnt pay for equipment and I have the reduced price of 39.99 on the base plan.. So im really not loosing anything as all I really pay for is the monthly service..

btw..I am an active poster on the community and we have been having the discussions on the same censord topics there... So this isnt new to me..

West Mich.
I have been with Hughes since the switch from the 1 way 4000s to the 2 way 6000s started.

I can understand the fact the this is not cable, DSL and so forth...

This company has got worse and worse.. the more they drop warm steaming piles on their customers the more they think we should like it.

Censorship is one thing, you can only bury something so deep anymore but the REFUSAL of Hughes to get OFF THE SCRIPT and get this under control is beyond all comprehension.

This is a company who's time has past.