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Re: Other customers can see my infor

This situation should have been taken care of immediatly. The first sign of this kind of privacy issue should have gone right to the top. Maybe there is some kind of class action suit that could be brought aginst this so called company.. How do we know our information hasnt been breached and they wont tell us.. We all now know how they handle these serious situations andtry to cover it up really quick..

gwalk...I guess she didnt have any answers for my question last night. Sara completly ignored it.. Guess shes more interested in just deleting stuff.

I also noticed they cant even answer simple basic questions on there that are common knowledge... its always the same thing. Please post a case number and we MAY just get back to you in the next year if your lucky.

This company is getting out of control with what they are getting away with. It is quite aparant on thier board that the company is completly screwed up and there are very few customers that are happy.