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Mountain View, CA

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Re: Has HDD seek times increased?

said by trparky:

The question is... are they doing something special in the Caviar Black drives to make them run better or are the manufacturers purposely gimping their low end drives to make people buy the high end drives?

It's not that simple. Trying to make some generalised statement about the state of mechanical/magnetic storage isn't the right way to go about this, mate.

As I said, the question should be "Why do my ST31000528AS and HTS725050A9A364 perform so significantly worse compared to other MHDDs?"

There are an almost infinite number of reasons that can explain what's going on, but the important part to take away is that every situation is unique/different and must be treated as such. I can't stress this enough. Otherwise you end up with generalised statements like this which amount to absolutely nothing.
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